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Impossible Possible

Virtareal is an ICT company specializing in an interactive reality solutions


To help businesses and people across a variety of market sectors, ranging from engineering, medical and manufacturing to academics, engineers, retailer and military.


To demonstrate that advanced visualization, simulation and VR/ AR offer a valuable return on investment, providing an essential set of of tools to improve the competitive position of our clients in the market place.


To meet clients’ satisfaction is our utmost priority and to embrace changes and encourage innovation.

Our Strength

Affordable Services

We offer a good value that will give our clients’ maximum return of investment.

Fast Deployment

The best service is not just affordable, hence we can give full commitment to deliver our works at the optimum satisfaction.

Quality Control

Though we are fast deployed, our team always keep in mind to make sure all deliver projects are the finest and working well.

Proven Experts

Our team are experts in what they are doing, and we also have several key partners from GLCs, Agencies, Universities and related experts that collaborate with us to do research and development.


Products That We Are Working On

Follow our progress


Virtakids™ is our educational products in Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality book. It comes with Engineering Edition, Sciences Edition and Medical Editions.
Product benefits:

  • Active learning experience
  • Immediate Engagement
  • Infinity explorations approach
  • E-learning platform
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality


Virtage™ is a heritage project that we develop to preserving history in Virtual Reality.
Product benefits:

  • Sustaining heritage in the digital age
  • Powerful point of immersion
  • Sharing the great triumph
  • Change your trajectory
  • Remembering & recollection of the past


Virtahomes™ is tool for real-estate industry to improve and enhance their marketing & sales to raise their conversion. It is designed for pre-development project that needs to boost the revenue. Add on great features for e-commerce, interior design and real life experiences.
Product benefits:

  • Immersive experiences before development
  • Powerful selling tools
  • Direct engaging with audiences
  • E-commerce platform
  • High conversion rate
  • Anytime & anywhere deployment


Our Forte

Our team are enthusiast in an immersive technology that will change the world. We have idealist to generate great ideas from nothing to everything, talented team that always deliver the best to clients, and present the quality services is our utmost priority.

Augmented Reality

Real world remains central to the experience, enhanced by virtual details

Virtual Reality

Fully enclosed, synthetic experience with no sense of real world

Mixed Reality

Interaction with and manipulation both the physical and virtual environment